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Flat Tire Service


Getting stranded motorist with flat or damaged tires back on the road is what we do best with our quick response 24 hour one call solution roadside services commitment to you.


Regardless of the reasons for your flat tire our mobile tire repair specialist can fix any tire damage in a hurry. Our trained roadside tire repair technicians come fully equipped to get you on the road fast.


If you have not already please make sure you have pulled over to a safe area even if that means driving a very short distance with a deflated tire. Driving less than a hundred feet on a flat tire while driving at walking speed will not damage the vehicle and places your personal safety as priority.




Southwest Towing Company Comes Fully Prepared


If appropriate the tire repair technician will fill your tire with a mixture of air and rubber sealant. This takes less than five minutes and you are ready to drive. This solution is not permanent and is only provided when it is determined that you tire repair will require you drive to our tire repair shop. If your car is equipped with tire pressure warning the tire repair expert would then opt to tow you to our closest tire repair shop.



Most Situations We Can Repair Your Tire On Location


You can take tire maintained a step further and get them rotated every 5,000 miles to avoid unexpected roadside tire repair. Even if you have performed proper ongoing tire maintained you can still get a tire puncture from a nail or screw. In such cases we make sure to not only patch the inside of the tire but unlike most roadside tire repair companies we fill the hole from the outside with tire rubber. This is the proper and safest method for tire repairs caused by a sharp object punching the tire. Most automotive roadside companies do not take this extra safety step of filling the tire hole with tire rubber thus leaving the hole entrance exposed to water damage that will carrode the internal metal of the tire. Thus leaving your tire repair a future hazard waiting to happen.



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If you cannot call us and are forced to repair your own tire then please watch this instructional video on how to change a tire.

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Flat Tires and Lockouts


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