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Motor Vehicle Malfunction


It happens very often. when a vehicle reaches a certain age, things start to go wrong. Sometimes the problems are small and relatively inexpensive to repair (like brake replacement, water pump failure, etc.) and sometimes they are very expensive to repair (like engine problems, transmission problems, etc.).


Check out a few tips on how to fix minor problems with your car. Car trouble symptoms can indicate minor or major problems with your vehicle. This glossary of terms should help you identify your vehicle's symptom and assist you when discussing your concerns with your Certified Service technician.




Brake Fade


Stopping distance seems to increase, causing longer braking distance, similar to braking at high speeds.



Engine Cuts Out


Temporary complete loss of power. Engine quits at irregular intervals. May occur repeatedly or intermittently, usually under heavy acceleration. Try to notice if you can detect smells or view stains from the list below.


Acrid odor, like burned toast.

Continuous, heavy sulfur odor-like rotten eggs.

Burning rubber odor.

Hot, metallic odor usually accompanied by antifreeze/coolant odor.

Reddish stains.

Yellow, green, pink, or orange stains that are lighter and thinner than oil.



Steering & Handling


Suspension moves to extreme end of travel and hits compression bumpers. Feels like a heavy thud. Steering wheel must be turned unusually far before vehicle responds. Vehicle difficult to steer, especially during parking situations or when first started. Vehicle moves to one side when steering wheel is released. Vehicle shakes.



The Car is Silent When You Turn the Key in the Ignition


Check the battery terminal cable connections. (See How to Check Your Car Battery.) If they look very corroded, force the point of a screwdriver (with an insulated or wooden handle) between the connector and the terminal post and twist it to lodge it firmly. Then try to start the engine. If it starts, you need to clean or replace your cables.



The Engine Knocks or Pings


Check your timing; also check the octane rating of the fuel you're using. The owner's manual can tell you whether your vehicle needs regular unleaded or premium gasoline.

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Mechanical Issues


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