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"I was stranded near US59 and Bellaire with my 2 daughters and Don really went over and beyond the call of duty to help us get home safely. Thank you for ever."


Lisa R

Katy, TX


Date of Posting: 16 February 2011

Posted By: Lisa R

24yr old mother of 2 from Katy, TX




Whilst driving on Bellaire Blvd this past Monday my battery light flashed on so I headed for the nearest auto repair (Firestone) -- But then, suddenly ALL things electrical quickly shut down -- which, even on my 14 year old Toyota, meant virtually EVERY Function of the car including emergency flashers, gear shift, etc.


Unfortunately the red light at Bellaire & Bissonnet was a few seconds longer than my normally reliable car could endure and she promptly 'died' at the Intersection, approximately 100 feet short of the repair shop driveway.


Traffic was quickly building up for rush hour as I frantically tried to get help. Firestone could not help because of "potential liability issues"; a passerby gave me a tow service number but they would have been more than an hour; I struggled (unsuccessfully) to lift the car hood and at least try to provide a signal to the drivers behind me who were angry and honking, and -- all the while on hold trying to get through to 311 and 211 (also unsuccessfully).


Thankfully, the Bellaire Police arrived: Officers Tracie Mathews and J Gonzalez; and I wish to extend my gratitude for their assistance. Officer Mathews went "above and beyond" with her generosity, caring and thoughtfulness while simultaneously demonstrating her resourcefulness as an astute problem solver with a swift and efficient "make it happen" approach.


I come from a family of many police officers: my grandfather, two uncles and two brothers-in-law but unfortunately none of the relatives are in Houston; However, Officer Mathews reminds me of my family members and their same rare Leadership Qualities that lead to their own career successes and I sincerely hope that both recognition and reward will be given to Officer Mathews. Due to medical reasons, I pinch pennies to make ends meet on my humble social security check but one Alternator and (ouch!) $450.00 later, I'm grateful that my ole' Betsy is alive again and thankful for people like Officer Mathews.


I would also like to publicly thank "Don" of Southwest Towing and, because of Don's generosity, I sincerely urge everyone who reads this to put his number into your phones --Now-- (713-202-6949) since as I now know, your vehicle can suddenly "die" without notice and generally at the worst possible time; so be sure that your loved ones have Don's number already in their phone. This is the kind of person that deserves prolific business from the entire community. We should actively reward the organizations that are caring & generous to people of our community by giving them our business dollars.


Last, out of the literally hundreds and hundreds of drivers on Bellaire (and Bissonnet) that sat next to me each time the lights turned red, and watched me struggling to try to put the hood up amidst the honking and anger, only ONE person offered to help me - an elderly lady who then took the time to drive to the Firestone garage, ask them to help me, and when they declined she then circled back around on the 1-way streets and waited through traffic again to get back to me and hand me a phone number of the first tow service (that could not get to me in time). If any of her family members, co-workers, friends know who this incredibly caring lady is, please express my gratitude and, most of all, I hope that the Community will show their appreciation for this "one-out-of-hundreds" driver.


Perhaps if we gave recognition & expressed appreciation more often to the people and businesses that do these random acts of kindness then maybe the "Firestones" of the world wouldn't have to stand there watching me struggle for an hour, - - desperately trying to make the last hundred feet.



Dorothy Messer

Houston TX


Date of Posting: 16 February 2011

Posted By: Dorothy Messer

Elderly woman - Car broke down, Houston, TX

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